Beekeeping for the Bees...

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You've see the rest, now take a look at the best.... We've designed the first Vented Top Bar Hive with many more innovative solutions that only Industrial Designers with CAD software and a three-axis CNC machine could build. We've redesigned Beekeeping for the Bees and for Education and Advocacy—Helping you bee a good beekeeper and spread the buzz about bees and their essential role in our lives!


Traditional human-kept bee hives have evolved with one goal in mind: maximum production. This is ideal for commercial beekeepers but when it comes to personal use, these hives are expensive, cumbersome and a less than ideal place for the bees themselves!


The Solution: Beepods


Happy Humans!

We've designed Beepods to be easy to use. Instead of stacking the hive vertically, we've refined an ancient top bar hive design which spreads out horizontally creating a far more accessible hive for care and safe viewing. Custom-designed Inspection Forms teach essential observation skills and specialty Tools make your journey into beekeeping un-bee-lievable!

Happy Bees!

Not only did we design this hive with humans in mind, but we've built a hive that is much more suited to the way bees naturally want to create their hives. A bee's life is already hard enough, let's not make it any harder on them. Take a look, we are sure that you'll agree.