Thanks - FarmAid25 - Homegrown Village

We were honored to be able to share our vision of ways to help preserve nature's pollinators in urban and rural farm lands. We believe it is essential to revive decentralized beekeeping with the same urgency we place on preserving family farms.


Beekeeping was essential to the earliest settlers in the USA. Honeybees were brought to America in 1644 by settlers to insure crops thrived and prospered. Today Honeybees pollinate more than one of every three bites of food we eat. Whether the Alfalfa that feeds our animals, the fruits and vegetables, the nuts and grains, even cotton would not be possible were it not for honeybee pollination!


Thanks to everyone at FarmAid, Joel, Cornelia and all the Staff and volunteers. Thanks to all the wonderful, respectful and awesome people who come from across this great nation to gather together in solidarity for our farming community! Lets apread the buzz about bees... pollinating our landscape with local beekeepers!


Honeybees have held a special relationship with nature since the beginnings of time. For it is their tireless gathering of nectar from  flowering plants that helped nature grow and prosper. Mankind could not have reached this far without our interaction with Honeybees.. For it is their honey, pollen, propolis, wax and even bee-sting venom have given us hundreds of uses and cures and their very nature of visiting flowers which allowed us the opportunity to grow and multiply on this Earth.


Catch the buzz—pollinate farms, backyards, urban gardens, orchards and rooftops with beehives. Learn to dance a dance with the bees and let enjoy unimaginable interactions with nature's most diligent workers.