New Beepods due out end of March—spread the buzz!

We're proud to announce the Beepod2011 model is in production. These tuff economic times struck hard our original manufacturer of the Beepod. They were forced to close shop due in December and the fate of beepods was in jeopardy. We focused on finding another local manufacturing facility. After months of searching, we've teamed up with company out of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.


They're a high-end custom furniture, cabinet and fixture designer and they had the all-important 3 axis CNC routing machine required to make the delicate curves and precision alignments needed for Beepods. They've just finished retooling the drawings from our original designer, David Hinterberg, (burnwerks) and released the prototype March 1st. We're currently in production on our first batch of 25 Beepods. —And so far orders are stacking up... so if you want one, get you order in soon!

With the new manufacturer, came new ideas and innovations. We've resized the Beepod to be compatible with the 19" Langstoth bar size to allow greater compatibility to existing Bee Suppliers for Nucleus Bee introductions and interchangeability with some parts. We've also found new "pop-fittings" for the shutters and access doors that really make observations a snap. We've partnered with EcoWood® wood finishing company out of Canada and their one-time wood treatment that is Bee safe and bonds the wood fibers to make beepod last for decades.

As you might expect, this new partnership, hardware and EcoWood® surface treatment has also meant higher production costs. We've done all we can to hold the price increase under $500 and feel it is well worth its new price of $495 for the Standard Beepod model. We hope you appreciate the superior quality and craftsmanship that goes into each Beepod.

So Spread the buzz... At $495 plus shipping, they're gonna swarm out the door. Be the first in your State, County City or Country to get delivery on the new Beepod2011.

Bee-utiful weather for spring cleaning

Saturday April 9th I removed the vent and screened bottom boards to clean out the bee pod. The dedicated workers that kept my queen warm all winter were properly presented to thier final resting place in the grass not to far from the Bee Pod. "Food for the Soil" completing the circle of life.

The small miracles presented to me on a regular basis from this little bee hive are truly amazing. I can now add the first flights of bees to the many joys nature provides in the buds of spring.

Thank you Charlie and Jesse.

The Purple Cow