Beepods to play "Pollinator Twister" for FarmAid25 at Miller Park Oct 2

I’m very pleased to report that Farm Aid has accepted your proposal for exhibiting in the HOMEGROWN Village at Farm Aid 25: Growing Hope for America at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee on October 2nd. We’re very excited to move ahead with planning for the Village and we look forward to your participation. Please send me a very brief reply to this email to confirm your intention to exhibit.

Also, please know that in the days ahead (if not already) either I or one of my colleagues here at Farm Aid will be following up with some exhibitors with suggestions for heightening the interactive elements of your proposal or to discuss other matters regarding your exhibit. For example, because of exhibiting space limitations, we may need to ask some exhibitors to share an exhibition booth. We ask for your cooperation on these matters in the hope of creating the best possible experience for our concert-goers, many thousands of whom will spend time in the HOMEGROWN Village on concert day.

I will soon follow up this email with a detailed logistics memo for all exhibitors. One detail of that memo will be the necessity that all exhibitors set up their exhibits during the afternoon of Friday, October 1, the day before the concert. Please include this crucial detail in your own planning for the concert weekend. All exhibitors will receive exhibitor credentials and tickets for their crews upon checking in with me on that Friday.

Thanks again for your excellent proposal!

More soon,

Joel Morton
Farm Aid 25